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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of therapeutics in which the medicines are to stimulate the body to heal itself.


The medicines used in homeopathy are mainly derived from the natural world, the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms.


Today, homeopathy is used worldwide. It is estimated that more than 500 million people receive homeopathic treatment in a year.

Like Cures Like

Homeopathy is founded by German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). The word homeopathy is derived from the Greek words homoios, meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering. In homeopathy, symptoms are viewed as the attempt to heal itself and cure is accomplished by giving the homeopathic medicine producing symptoms similar to the patient’s symptoms. In other words, inducing the similar suffering stimulates and reinforces the person’s self-healing capacity and results in cure.

The Minimum Doses

Because homeopathic medicines stimulate a self-healing mechanism, doctors use the smallest possible doses. In series of experiments, Hahnemann discovered that medicines are still effective in concentrations that are too small to be detected chemically, and the mechanical shaking of diluted medicines actually enhances their healing effects. The minuteness of the dose makes it unlikely that any side effects will occur.

Treating Man As a Whole

The Homeopathic doctor regards disease as a disturbance of the spirit or the Life Force. And so in taking your case the doctor will look for symptoms in your body and also give equal importance to your nature, your feeling, your dreams, etc. Since the aim is to understand each person as an individual, the physician looks for things that are most individualistic of people. Then the doctor tries to find one homeopathic medicine that matches the patient in his physical symptoms and in his mental make-up. It is like finding the right key to a lock. Any lock can only be opened by one particular key. To a very large extent the homeopathic prescription depends on the details of the history that the patient gives. If the exact homeopathic remedy is administered the results can be quite amazing.

What can be treated with homeopathy


chronic headache, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain etc

2) Chronic use of conventional drugs

atopy, allergy, arthritis, chronic skin conditions, etc


anxiety, depression, panic disorder, etc


frequent URI or abdominal pain, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, tic etc


autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, etc

Dr. Kim graduated from Seoul National University in 1979. He has specialty of diagnostic radiology and worked as a professor in medical college of Chungang University. He began to study homeopathy in 1997 by attending the foundation course of homeopathy in Glasgow homeopathic hospital. He also acquired the skills in clinical homeopathy from a renowned homeopathic doctor Rajan Sankaran in Mumbai, India. Opening his private clinic in August, 1999, He began to practice homeopathy in Korea. 

Since July, 2001 he has been teaching homeopathy to the students and medical professionals in the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, CHA University. He used to practice homeopathy in the homeopathy clinic at the CHA hospital(2001-2005). Since 2005, he has been holding seminars and also taking regular patients in the Homeopathy Institute of Korea(HIK) founded by him.

Young-Goo Kim, M.D.

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